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Nutty Sichuan Fuelled Burgers

Get those BBQ vibes going rain or shine with this spicy number. A classic beef burger pimped up with a nutty Sichuan sauce and a sweet kick from grilled pineapple.


  • Your favourite beef or meat free patties

  • Yep Sichuan Chilli Crisp

  • Crunchy peanut butter

  • Tinned pineapple slices (or fresh if you want)

  • Cheddar cheese

  • Brioche buns

  • Baby gem lettuce

  • Butter

Burger sauce (serves 2 burgers)


  1. Get those patties going, no need for instructions here. You've got it under control.

  2. Mix the burger sauce ingredients together and put to one side. Pick your lettuce leaves and give them a good rinse and dry.

  3. Get a frying pan nice and hot and add a touch of butter, pop your pineapple slices in, cook until browned and caramelised then flip. Get a big nub of cheese in the hole and let the second side caramelise, then set aside.

  4. Once the burgers are cooked, let them rest for a few minutes to stop the juices exploding on that first bite. While they rest, get your buttered buns in the pan or on the grill until toasted and golden.

  5. Assemble: Bun, sauce, lettuce, patty, pineapple, sauce, bun.

Try that burger sauce with some noods for a quick meal that doesn't disappoint. Add some spring onions, crushed peanuts, or whatever else is lying around in the fridge. Yep!

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